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What is Good to Lease?

Good to Lease is an easy-to-use property leasing platform that simplifies transactions between
self-managed landlords and renters, and saves them time and money by providing an efficient leasing process online,
and eliminating real-estate broker fees.

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Do you have a home, apartment, or office space that is good to lease? Create a free listing in a few simple steps, manage your listings from a simple to use dashboard, and easily connect with potential tenants right here on Good to Lease.

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Simply upload your listing details and photos/media. Once you’ve filled out all the details, simply submit your listing for review.

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It takes 24-48 hours for our team to verify and publish your listing. Once approved, your listing will go live on Good to Lease for potential renters to contact you.

Manage your listing

Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you manage your listings, connect with potential renters, change your listing status, update the open house schedule, and more.

Good to Lease has a zero tolerance policy for spam,
inaccurate listing details, or false postings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start posting on Good to Lease?

To start posting on Good to Lease, simply sign in or create a new account, then go to your account settings and tap on the pen icon start creating a new listing.

Do I need to get verified to create listings and apply to properties?

Yes. To uphold the utmost security standards on Good to Lease, identity verification is mandatory for anyone wishing to post listings or apply to properties. Browsing and searching listings do not necessitate verification. The process is both free and swift, conducted securely through our partnership with Stripe for identity verification.

Is it free to post on Good to Lease?

Publishing listings on Good to Lease is entirely complimentary for the initial 30 days, and no credit card information is needed to begin. To maintain active listings beyond this period, you have the option to subscribe to one of our packages. Good to Lease listing packages start at just $8 per month. Cancel anytime.

How does the application process work on Good to Lease?

Good to Lease simplifies the online leasing process for you. Just locate the listing you're interested in and click "Apply Now" to complete a short application form. Once submitted, we forward your information to the landlord, who may conduct a background check to assess your eligibility. Upon approval, you'll be notified via email by Good to Lease. From there, navigate to the "My Applications" section on your dashboard, locate the approved application, and click "Review and Sign" to finalize your agreement.

Who pays for the background check report?

The responsibility for covering the cost of the background check report rests with the landlord. Upon receiving your application, the landlord may opt to conduct the background check at their own expense or delegate the task to the applicant, with the exception of New York state. If the landlord chooses to transfer this responsibility to the applicant, the applicant will receive an email containing a link guiding them through the process of obtaining the background check report and making the necessary payment. Once the report is obtained, the applicant can easily return to their Good to Lease dashboard, locate the ongoing application, and securely upload the report.

How do transactions work on Good to Lease?

Once you've completed signing your agreement, you'll progress to Payments, where you'll find a detailed invoice outlining your move-in expenses. This invoice itemizes your first month's rent (as specified in your lease), security deposit, Good to Lease fees, transaction processing fee (administered by Stripe or PayPal), and any other pertinent charges imposed by the property owner. Prior to finalizing your lease agreement, you'll have the opportunity to review the invoice preview, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your payments. At Good to Lease, our aim is to facilitate a straightforward and transparent leasing experience.

What are the fees on Good to Lease?

Differing from traditional real estate brokers, who typically charge one month’s rent, Good to Lease adopts a fairer approach, charging both landlords and tenants a modest 4% of the total transaction amount each. In addition to these Good to Lease fees, tenants should anticipate a nominal transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 imposed by Stripe or PayPal, alongside other relevant fees determined by the property owner as part of the move-in costs. For instance, if your monthly lease payments amount to $3,000, under a traditional brokerage arrangement, you might expect to pay approximately $3,000 as your agent fee. However, with Good to Lease's 4% charge, your agent fee would total only $207.30, resulting in substantial savings of $2,792.70.

When do the landlords get paid?

To foster a fair marketplace environment on the Good to Lease platform, we typically withhold the landlord's payout until 7 days after the move-in date. This measure is implemented to guarantee that the lessee has gained access to the premises and that the move-in process unfolds seamlessly. Upon release, landlords can anticipate the payout appearing in their bank account within 1-2 business days. The payouts maybe delayed if the landlords have not connected their bank accounts. The payout comprises the first month's rent, alongside other pertinent fees, subtracting the Good to Lease fee of 4%.

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