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Make property leasing easy, affordable, self-
manageable, rewarding, and more.

At Good to Lease, our mission is to provide a seamless property leasing experience for
both self-managed landlords and renters. We simplify transactions through our user-
friendly platform, streamlining the leasing process online. By eliminating real-estate
broker fees, we save our users valuable time and money, making leasing easier, more
affordable, and accessible for everyone.


Building a Community for
Meaningful Impact

Good to Lease started as a platform with a clear vision: to simplify the process of property leasing, making it accessible, cost-effective, and convenient for both renters and property owners.

At Good to Lease, we aspire to revolutionize the home leasing experience by providing a platform that offers seamless, affordable, and self-manageable solutions for renters and property owners.

We aim to empower individuals and families to find and manage their dream homes with convenience and transparency, while enabling property owners to efficiently showcase and monetize their rental properties.


How Good to Lease
Came to Life..

Hello, I'm Vic, the founder of Good to Lease. Living in Long Island, New York has its challenges. The high demand for properties translates to high rent prices, but what bothered me the most was the reliance on brokers and real estate agents. Let's be honest, while they do simplify the leasing process, there's a significant cost involved. Typically, brokers can charge either (or both โ€” depending on the state you're in) landlords and tenants an average fee equivalent to one month's rent or 10% - 15% of the total annual rent.

After experiencing these challenges (and more!) firsthand, I was driven to make a change and help people manage their leasing situations better by providing a cost-effective and full-scale online platform that's easy to use. I embarked on the journey of creating Good to Lease, with a clear mission in mind: to establish a platform that simplifies and empowers both landlords and tenants to seamlessly manage the leasing process online.

We hope you'll love Good to Lease as much as we do.

Good to Lease official logo

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